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TVP 67 / TVP 64 Thermoformer

The TVP 64 and TVP67 are automatic roll-fed thermoforming machines designed for separate foming and trimming with a steel-rule die, these are high-speed automatic pressure forming machines suitable for the production of precision formed parts in large quantities.

Forming operation is accomplished with a combination of vacuum and air pressure which allows for a faster forming time and therefore a faster cycle time. The combination of the servomotors of the forming and trimming station tables, as well as for the ejector in the stacking unit and the feeding material ensure high-precision movements but with a consistent dry cycle speed of 40 per minute.

TVP64 / TVP67


With continuous roll fed material, securely punched along the side edges into a chain conveyor, then moving through a heater, the hot sheet continues into the forming station where forming operation takes place.

Once formed, it moves into the trimming station where the formings/blisters are punched out by a die. Finally, the blisters move into the stacking station where they are separated from the roll and placed onto a conveyor belt. When stacking cycle is complete, the conveyor moves forward delivering stacks of blisters to the operator.

The waste is rewound for easy handling.

Technical specifications




Forming film roll diameter (max.)

800 mm (1200 mm as an option)

Forming film thickness (max.)

1.5 mm

Forming film width (max.)

670 mm

Forming film width (min.)

380 mm

Forming area (max.)

630x420 mm

640x770 mm

Forming area (min.)

350x200 mm

359x350 mm

Forming depth below film line (max.)

140 mm

Forming height above film line (max.)

140 mm

Vacuum pump flow

190 m3/h

Forming pressure

6 bars

Heating power (upper heater)

25.8 kW

44.1 kW

Heating power (lower heater)

21.5 kW

Forming tables driven by


Forming tools clamping

Pneumatic clamping

Trimming tables driven by


Trimming power

60 Tn.

Positioning according to index length

Motor driven

Steel rule die heating power

4 kW

5.6 kW

Transverse and angular adjustment of rule cutter

Motor drive

Steel-rule die cutting tools clamping

Pneumatic clamping

Dry cycle output

40 cycles/minute

Push-out device at stacking station driven by


Total installed power

75.85 kW

100.52 kW

Power Supply

400V N T, 50Hz






2.660 mm

2.660 mm


1.750 mm

1.750 mm


9.650 mm

11.850 mm

Estimated weight

4.500 kg

6.500 kg


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