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Lockwood’s have a comprehensive range of machines including sheet extrusion lines, thermoforming and blister sealing.  In our blister sealing range, we can offer you table top to manual shuttle, rotary to fully automatic rotary, inline and carousel to depending on your sealing requirements. For entry level blister heat sealing, we have table top or semi-automatic Shuttle Rotary 4 station machines with “drop in” tool changes and manual loading and unloading of products.  They offer you full control of the blister packing process; seal temperature, seal time and load time with standard flat or profiled heat seal heads.  Our machines can be customized depending on the application, cost factors, volume and speed requirements to meet your specific requirements.

As UK Agents for Hamer Packaging Technology, Lockwood supply their range of form, fill and sealing lines. Hamer specialises in 2 main areas: form, fill and sealing lines for blister packaging and roll-fed thermoforming lines for disposable plastic packaging. 

Lockwood are European Agents for Algus and we supply their Sealing Machines which reflect the latest thinking in materials, design, and production with high-end design technology and state-of-the-art machining centres to create the finest automated and semi-automated machines available. All Algus machines can be configured to utilize a variety of sealing technologies, including heat seal, RF and ultrasonic.


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process which transforms a sheet or film into a three dimensional shape by means of heat, vacuum and air pressure.  A roll of plastic sheet or film is roll-fed in to the thermoformer. When the machine is activated, the plastic sheet or film is advanced, heated and forced against the mould in order to form the desired shape.
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Heat SealHeat Seal Blisters

Lockwood’s offer a range of Table Top, Shuttle, Rotary, Inline, Form, Fill and Seal and Carousel depending on your application, cost factors, volume and speed to meet your sealing requirements. Read more


A form fill sealing machine is an ideal machine for the filling process of free flowing liquids without particles to create sachets. Sachets lengths can be varied from 30-200mm and with exchangeable bag formers, different widths can be manufactured. Read more


Not only do we provide thermoformers, heat seal blister and sachet machines, we also offer other types including liquid fillers. Read more


Lockwood offer flexible rental options that allows your company to accommodate any temporary, short-term production demands or new product launches with our immediately available equipment. Read more

Used Machines

We have used/second hand Lockwood machines that become available from time to time.  They will be serviced by our trained engineers and our available on a first come, first served basis. Read More

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