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LK 22

The LK 22 is an automatic Heat Sealing machine suitable for all types of cup and tray sealing with film or foil for all types of food applications (meat, microwave, seafood, puddings, jelly, snacks, salads and fruits) and beverages (tea, coffee, bubble tea, water, squash, juice, smoothies) to maintain the freshness, flavour and extend shelf life.

 The LK 22 is available in 2 sizes* with 3 models for film feeding by sensor, encoder or time, suitable for heat sealable film (both plain and printed) and foil with profile cutting, touch screen and product output conveyor.



Machine Size wxdxl

Capacity pcs/hrs

Max Cup/Tray Size

LK 22S

2000 x 660 x 1700 mm


270 x 170 x 100 mm

LK 22M

2000 x 930 x 1700 mm


440 x 220 x 100 mm

         * sizes can be adjusted to suit your requirements


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