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SP 1216, SP 1228, SP 1628 and SP 2428

The Algus Power Shuttle is a free standing, compact designed sealing machine for small production runs or large packs available in four different sizes (SP 1216, SP 1228, SP 1628 and SP2428) and in standard blue enamel paint or white medical optional. The sealing process is completely validatable, (optional) monitoring sealing dwell time, temperature and pressure variables. Precise and repeatable operation guarantees maximum production results along with compliance to the most demanding quality specifications.  This machine is widely used for clinical trial drug wallet packs.


A cycle time of approximately 4 seconds plus loading and unloading of the product, subject to the speed of the operator and the product being sealed.

To operate the SP 1428, the operator places the blisters/trays into the tray, loads the product and lidding in place.  Once the power shuttle switch is activated, the rest is automatic. The powered shuttle tray positions the packages and seals at a predetermined temperature, pressure and time settings.  Finally the tray automatically returns to the load/unload position. The operator removes the sealed packages and the cycle is complete.

Operator safety features are standard.


Model No


SP 1216

305 x 406 mm

SP 1228

305 x 712 mm

SP 1628

405 x 712 mm

SP 2428

610 x 710 mm


Optional Extras:

  • Standard blue powder coated finish with optional white for medical products
  • Double sided shuttle for 2 operators
  • Validatable for medical products level 1 control system
  • Control box and parts upgrade to stainless steel cabinet and anodize all aluminium parts
  • Foot switch cycle start
  • Profile heater head
  • Upgrade pneumatic cylinders to seal press to increase pressure
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