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Algus 8SR and 8SR OS

The Algus 8SR and 8SR OS Sealing Machine is designed to meet the demanding seal specifications of difficult to seal packages. The 8SR is a production-based heat seal machine for large production runs. The seal area makes this machine ideal for large packages and multiple-up packaging.

The Algus 8SR and 8SR OS comes with a choice of three automatic eject system options: Packages are lifted from the nesting trays and either:

1) Deposited on customer conveyor blister-up from eject slide (standard); or

2) Lift and transfer, blister-down to take off conveyor or table (transfer eject); or 3) pick and transfer blister-up orientated on customer conveyor (hand-off eject).

Additional automatic feeders can be added at time of ordering which will enable the automatic loading of a second card for captive blister packs or specialised loading tooling to load customer’s product automatically.

Algus 8SR

Operation at a glance

  • Blisters and cards feed automatically into nesting trays
  • Operator loads product into blister (4 positions)
  • Card is automatically heat sealed to blister on flange only
  • Suction cups lift the packages from the nesting trays and place them face up on the eject slide for movement to take-off conveyor or table
  • Simpler change-over due to separated feeder stations

Features at a glance

  • Sealing capacity
  • 305 x 405 – 8 SR / 305 x 480 – 8SR OS
  • 4 open product load stations
  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital seal contact timer
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Rapid changeover tooling
  • Emergency stop switches
  • 5 – 22 cycles per minute
  • Production rates 100,000 packages per shift
  • Full plc control with encoder, 5” touch panel

Accessories/Optional Features

  • Heat seal tooling
    – 8 product nesting trays
    – blister and card magazine
    – one blister plug rack
    – one heater plate
    – rubber cut templates
  • PLC control with data acquisition
    – Time
    – Temperature
    – Pressure monitor
    – Alarm systems
  • Quick Change tooling
  • Teflon coating for heater blocks
  • Anodized tooling components
  • Over size 8” air cylinder
  • Cylinder air exhaust filter
  • Machine status light tower
  • Plastic welding systems
  • Extra feeders for inserts or double cards
  • Eject
    – Transfer eject
    – Hand-off eject
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