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Alugs 20 S Carousel Heat Seal

If your product cannot be loaded in to 4 stations, then the Algus 20S Carousel is the machine we would recommend.

It has the same features as the 8SR, except that the rotary dial has been replaced with an indexing pallet system.  In addition to the standard blister feed, card feed, seal and eject stations you get 12 open load stations.  Use them for manual or automated product load stations, bar code readers, vision systems, whatever you need.  They are particularly suitable for packs which contain multiple products which are difficult to load.

Carousel 20S

This Carousel is highly customizable which can be ordered in many different configuration: heat seal, sonic seal or add on RF generator.  If you need extra feeders, more load stations, a collating eject or any combination thereof, this machine is the one for you.

With a maximum seal area of 305mm x 406mm and the speed range of 5 to 22 cycles per minute with 1-10 up tooling, this machine increases productivity by it’s increased product loading area.

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