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Heat Seal Blisters (pre-formed blisters)

heat seal blister

Lockwood’s offer a range of Table Top, Shuttle, Rotary, Inline, Form, Fill and Seal and Carousel depending on your application, cost factors, volume and speed to meet your sealing requirements. 

A heat seal blister pack is a relatively non-expensive package made in clear plastic film which has been thermoformed to match the shape of the product inside. This type of package is widely used for products of small dimensions because not only does it show the product but also protects it. The blister packs can be free standing or hanging.

There are three main types of blister pack:

Heat Sealed Blister are individually made blisters that are formed to best match the shape of your product so it remains trapped inside and then heat sealed to the face of a printed card which has been coated with a special heat seal blister varnish.

Clamshell is where the product and the printed card inlay are both encapsulated between two layers of plastic. The main advantage of these packs is the product inside is clearly visible from the front and back. Depending upon the application and budget the clamshell can simply be hand closed or can be more securely heat sealed or high frequency welded. In high frequency welding, the plastic film is heated when subjected to a high frequency electric field until melting point is reached. This type of blister pack is designed for high value products to make them deliberately difficult to open and therefore eliminating any possibility of tampering with the product inside.

Trapped Blister/Captivated Blister is where two pieces of card are required to be heat sealed together by trapping the flanges of the blister itself.  With this format you can also have a rear blister which is a different shape protruding from the back of the card.

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