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Lockwood Packaging Machine Servicing & Parts

Welcome to Lockwood Services for ongoing service/maintenance for all existing Lockwood supplied machines, providing you, the customer with replacement parts of the same quality as the original machine thereby not affecting your Manufacturer’s warranty. If you have problems or require seal tooling for any other machinery, we are available for help and advice to get you going or can manufacture tooling if required.

We have engineers who are experienced in the servicing and repair of a wide range of machines. Lockwood have a real commitment to customer care and all Lockwood services are carried out as per our Code of Practise adhering to strict quality guidelines.  This commitment to customer care gives you just one more reason to choose Lockwood.

Although based in Hadleigh, we also cover European and Worldwide machine installation, training and repair for all machines in the Lockwood range.  We have machines installed in Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, India, Holland, USA and South America.

Service/Maintenance Contracts

When your business relies on your machine – it pays to have peace of mind. Broken machines can lead to lost orders, falling sales and a damaged reputation to your company. 

Why not benefit from our planned preventative maintenance programmes? The best way to avoid production delays is to invest in planned maintenance for your machine. Service & Maintenance contracts are available for all machines and can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

Customers without a service agreement can also arrange to service their Lockwood machines with a simple telephone call 01473 824222 or email us.

Scheduled Maintenance Visits

During the service visit our engineers will:

    • Clean, adjust and lubricate as required.
    • Inspect and report any defects found in the equipment.
    • Provide each machine with its own inspection record.
    • Make spare part recommendations.

However we know that even the most well maintained machines can breakdown. When the worst happens, our most qualified and experienced engineer will provide an assessment to fix your machine, meaning you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Part finder

If you are having trouble identifying a part of one of our machines, upload a picture and using the form below we will endeavour to identify the part

Part Finder
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