Complete Packaging Solutions

Packaging Supplies

Do you have a specific packaging problem or need? We develop and supply bespoke packaging solutions from boxes to heat sealable film as part of our “One Stop” solution provider.

If you can’t find the product you need, have a query and/or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always do our best to help.  Telephone 01473 824222 or email us.

Cardboard BoxesShipping Cardboard Boxes

We offer a number of customised sizes, materials and printing options to produce the ideal cardboard box for every packaging purpose whether for assembly, order packing, shipping, storage or to suit your requirements.  Our single and double wall boxes guarantee to provide strong and sturdy packing materials supplied flat for convenient storage.

Printed Display Boxes and CartonsPrinted Display Boxes and Carton

Custom made Printed Display Boxes and Cartons are available in plain or
printed up to 6 colours and would be manufacturered in accordance with
your size and shape requirements. They are an ideal way of adding a
greater degree of professionalism to your product whether it's a simple
logo or a multi colour design it will showcase your product whether it be
Food, Cosmetics, DIY, or Pharmaceuticals.

Heat Sealable FilmHeat Sealable Film

Heat Sealable, peelable film for use in automatic and manual blister heat sealing tray machines.   Available in plain or if you require a printed film with eye mark detection for auto film advancement, please contact us for further information.

Heat Sealable FoilHeat Sealable Foil

Heat Sealable foil suitable for sealing with an automatic and manual blister heat sealing tray machines.

Tyvek Lidding FilmTyvek Lidding Film

Tyvek Lidding Film is widely used by medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers
to ensure medical devices remain sterile with it's breathable, microbial barrier
and durability. Tyvek is tear resistant and is compatible with a range of
sterilization methods.

Blister Cards/Trapped Blister Cards

Blister cards are an effective and inexpensive way to display and protect your Blister Cards and Heat Sealed Cards
product.  Trapped blister cards use a folding card with an opening where the
blistered product can protrude, the card is then heat sealed to itself resulting
in a neater and more environmentally friendly pack.

Blister cards are coated with a special blister pack varnish which is
paramount to give a good adhesion to seal the blisters to the card under
heat and pressure and can be printed to match your specifications.

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