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Lockwood LMP

Lockwood LMPThe new Lockwood model LMP, is a fully CE certified stainless steel tray sealing machine suitable for a wide range of products including pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, clean room and food applications for tray sealing.  This machine is suitable for small production volumes and can be used with pre-cut heat sealable cards, film, foils and tyvek. The LMP can easily be adapt to seal blister packages for different products by simply changing the seal drawer.

The LMP is easy to operate with two green start buttons on the front of the machine (two handed start for safety) and once pressed the head will automatically come down and seal the lid to the tray.  If one finger is removed from a start button before the head has fully engaged the head will instantly raise preventing any possibility of injury.

The Lockwood LMP is competitively priced making it ideal for contract packers, small to medium batch operations, new product development, testing and market samples. The Lockwood LMP will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.

Optional Extras:

1) Silent Compressor with piping and regulator valve with a single phase 240v supply cable and plug– 1 compressor will run up to 3 machines.

2) Mobile Cabinet, all stainless steel, with front storage drawer and 2x fixed / 2x locking castor wheels. This cabinet is designed to house the above silent compressor.

3) Profiled heat seal head and ceramic Teflon coated.

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