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Algus Universal 8X (U8X)

Algus U8The Universal 8X (U8X) is the largest size available in the Universal range and was engineered to offer maximum flexibility.  The unique modular design allows for multiple machine configurations, alterations and expansions based upon your individual needs and growth.  Quick set-up maximizes production time.

As your sales increase, the revolutionary U8X is designed to allow for in-house reconfiguration to satisfy increased product demand and production requirements.  This cost-effective system allows for different packaging formats from simple face seal packs to complex multi loading, folding and club store packs.

With the flexibility to add feeders for inserting components and vision systems for quality assurance, the U8 offers “the sky is the limit” approach to packaging.

The machine includes 4 open product load stations or up to 4 hook up stations, with a 305mm x 470mm seal area as standard.  Other features of the U8X are “quick install” feeder stations for inserts or blister cards.

The U8X has an independent electro-mechanical drive system as well as a servo driven turntable.  The machine has full PLC control and user friendly operator interface panel.  Interlocked door panels on the U8 base allows for quick access to the drive system which in turn allows for quick reconfiguration of the machine in the field.

The package components are feed automatically, with operator or feeder loads for the product.  The package components are sealed automatically and the finish package is ejected.

Standard Features at a glance:

  • State of the art, full function motion controller
  • 8” colour touch-screen operator interface
  • Servo feeders and turntable speed able to be configured to the exact needs of each job
  • Full diagnostics on screen for machine troubleshooting
  • Auto load/unload circuit
  • 457 x 660mm seal area
  • Quick change toll system standard
  • Four product loading stations
  • Ability to feed additional package components with field installed feeder modules
  • 5-25 cycles per minute via variable speed servo drives for turntable and feeders, eject
  • Full flexible modules for ability to reconfigure machine in the field for future needs
  • Casters and floor locks for machine manoeuvrability
  • “plug and run” servo driven feeders for versatility
  • Overload protection on table, feeders and eject

The U8X is a highly efficient workhouse that is known for it’s ease of operation and reliability.  This is the machine to take your company’s production to the next level and with Lockwood’s blisters we guarantee perfect feeding every time.

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