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Welcome to our new range of sustainable, environmentally friendly and natural disposable tablewear and packaging solutions from naturesse.

Since 2003, naturesse has been delivering sustainable, disposable tableware and packaging solutions and we are pleased to announce that Lockwood's can now supply these products into the UK.

With a comprehensive product range of well over 500 products made from renewable raw materials (Sugarcane, Palm Leaf, Cellulose/Wood and Bamboo) and a wealth of custom tailored solutions, naturesse is ready for the future.  A future with an increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions using alternatives to petroleum and plastics, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

All products in the naturesse range are manufactured exclusively from fast growing renewable raw materials.  Some are made of unused residual materials from agriculture that would otherwise be discarded or go to waste (eg bagasse the residual material from sugar extraction in the production of sugar cane), others are based on rapidly renewable raw materials of derived from plants, such as fast growing bamboo.  All raw materials used are 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly.   The sugar cane trays generate about 50% less CO² than conventional trays made of part recycled materials.

•    Disposable tableware – plates, dishes, cups, containers, bowls and cutlery

•    Retail packaging for take-away food

•    Films and bags

Sugar Cane   –   Palm Leaf   –   PLA   –   CPLA   –   Cellulose/Wood   –   Bamboo   –   Mater-Bi

naturesse is the first sustainable integrated solution that is fully biodegradable.  All naturesse menu trays are made from sugar cane, a fast growing renewable raw material available with a 100% biodegradable lamination which are resistant to water and sauces and are available in various sizes, shapes and compartment layouts.   The trays are suitable for microwave, oven and freezer.

The naturesse menu trays can be sealed in different ways:

1)    Peelable biodegradable film made of 100% rapidly renewable raw materials (bio-laminated trays*)
2)    naturesse lids made of natural raw material sugar cane
3)    Transparent PLA lids

*We also supply sealing machine for use with the bio-laminated menu trays and sealing films.

The range of naturesse products stands out above all for its innovative, quality environmentally friendly products, with an impressive degree of functionality throughout, with the range (except wood and bamboo) tested and certified to EN 13432, which means they can completely decompose in a composting setting in a specific time frame, without leaving any harmful residues behind.

All naturesse suppliers guarantee socio-ethical and ecological procurement practises in compliance with the ILO conventions.  Preference is given to suppliers who are additionally certified compliant with ethical standards such as Sedex, SA 8000 or BSCI. Throughout the entire manufacturing process of naturesse,  all laws, provisions, rules of conduct and industrial standards – labour law, fiscal legislation, European and International law and the core UN conventions are adhered too.  

Our new website for naturesse will be coming soon.  In the meantime, please call us on 01473 824222 or email sales@lockwooduk.com to request a catalogue or for more information on our naturesse range or if you have an event, festival, occasion etc

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