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Lockwood LK 59L

LK59LThe LK 59L is a simple and robust automatic bench top machine manufactured in stainless steel suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clean room or food applications for square tray sealing with either plain or printed film with eye mark detection auto film advance.

The Control panel has a cycle counter, temperature display, seal time display, plain film pull length display and settings for printer operation adjustment and is available with manual or auto setting. 

The LK 59L has a special front safety guard and is easy to operate with the tray being placed into the lower mould drawer cavities which automatically takes the trays into the machine via proximity sensor in the tooling, seals and profile cut’s the film, ejects the drawer and lifts the tray up to remove. 

LK 59L is also available with an optional Date Printer/Coder.



Machine Size wxdxl


Capacity pcs/hr

Max Tray Size

LK 59L

370 x400x660mm





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