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LK 533

LK533The LK 533 is our latest designed table top Sealing Machine with a new appearance and advanced microcomputer controlled system is suitable for all types of beverages including, hot drinks – tea, coffee, bubble tea/boba tea, soups, juice, smoothies, cup drinks and puddings for use in catering outlets, garages, snack bars, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, small food or drink factories and so on to enable your customer to conveniently take away their orders.

The machine is highly efficient and easy to use with only a small space required.  The LK 533 can be used with plain or printed film with eye mark detection and a drip tray and the touch senor control panel has an accurate cup counter with temperature display.



Machine Size wxdxl


Cup Size

LK 533

260 x300x600mm

22 KG

Diameter 90 / 95 mm


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