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Algus 6SR

The Algus 6SR is an Automatic Blister Sealing Machine suitable for medium volume production with a small footprint.  The Machine is simple to operate with colour touch screen operation and automatic blister and card loading, seal and discharge. 2 manual loading stations with a maximum seal area of 202 x 254mm.  Production speed is 5-22 cycles per minute with 1, 2, 3 or 4 up tooling.

The 6SR is available in either industrial or pharmaceutical grades with operator safety features standard.

Algus 6SR

Machine Versatility

• Seal press with stroke stop circuit for air savings
• Easy die removal and faster speeds
• large seal area can accommodate oversized packages or provide extra-high production rates for typical retail-sized blister packages
• Machine ships fully assembled as to the final destination for quick field installation and start up

Packaging Productivity

Excellent for work cells
• easy die removal and faster speeds
• Automatically feeds and seals package components up to 30,000 Blister packages per shift at the maximum indexing rate of 22 cycles/minute
• Outside load blister feed station
• Easy access to all of machine components
• Separated eject station for easier setup


Accessories/Optional Features

  • Heat seal tooling
    – 6 product nesting trays
    – blister and card magazine
    – one blister plug rack
    – one heater plate
    – rubber cut templates
  • PLC control with data acquisition
    – Time
    – Temperature
    – Pressure monitor
    – Alarm systems
  • Quick Change tooling
  • Teflon coating for heater blocks
  • Anodized tooling components
  • Over size 6 ” air cylinder
  • Cylinder air exhaust filter
  • Machine status light tower
  • Plastic welding systems
  • Extra feeders for inserts or double cards
  • Eject
    – Transfer eject
    – Hand-off eject
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